I enhance and apply a differentiated pedagogy, based on listening, sensing the students’ sensibility and sensitivity and am using pedagogic devices to mobilise curiosity, desire and creativity in order to experience, understand and learn capabilities of immersive concentration, attention and touch with the aim to elaborate a delicate way of playing in between objective and subjective approach to each piece: equilibrated in between analyse and sensibility.

This in-between-space, this space of alterity appears particularly under the fertile conditions of interdisciplinary experimentation and can be developed within a process of different, ever refining transformations. This process is nothing less than the clarification of the language of musical performance by the breath of creativity.





ALVIN LUCIER, Music for piano with amplified sonorous vessels (1991).

with Hauke Harder, Pascale Berthelot  and the students of the Atelier 2001 (CRD Nîmes).


The workshop gives a introduction to the music and aesthetics of Alvin Lucier. Lucier has developed over more than forty years the physical nature of sound using simple and poetic arrangements. His music has explored acoustical phenomena as reflections, interferences, beatings, standing waves and the resonances of of all possible things. In the workshop this interest devoted to resonances and  acoustical phenomena will be demonstrated by the examples MUSIC FOR PIANO AND AMPLIFIED SONOROUS VESSELS and MUSIC ON A LONG THIN WIRE.

MUSIC FOR PIANO AND AMPLIFIED SONOROUS VESSELS is a concert piece where vessels placed near the piano sympathetically vibrate at specific pitches of the piano. The vibrations are amplified and are added to the sound of the piano adding extra colors and partly creating beatings with the piano sound. This work will be subject of the morning workshop.

The installation MUSIC ON A LONG THIN WIRE will be visited at the school of Beaux Arts in Montpellier in the afternoon. In this work, a long wire (about 18 m) vibrates due to the interaction  of an electric  AC currant in the wire and a magnetic field. The length of the wire and the fact that two vibrating  systems are coupled creates a permanently  changing,  complex  sound.



Hauke Harder, born 1963 in Heide (Holstein), Germany

studied and doctorated in physics at Kiel university from 1983-1993, scientific research in the field of molecular physics until 2000.

Started composing in 1989 and founded in the same year the ‚Gesellschaft für akustische Lebenshilfe’ (together with the visual artist Rainer Grodnick), a series of activities including concerts of contemporary music (until 1999),

1991-92 he had private studies with Wolfgang von Schweinitz.

Besides composed music which is mainly devoted to pure intervals he works also in the field of sound installation.

He has been invited with concerts and exhibitions to several international festivals as Neue Musik Rümlingen (Schweiz), Evenings of New Music (Bratislava), Flandern Musik Festival (Antwerpen), Expozice Nové Hudby (Brno).

Since 1995 he is assistant of Alvin Lucier and has realized several of his works.