Selected repertory


« Home begins outside » said one day John Cage,but being ready to respect and welcome the enigma of the other is a long process in which each child should be guided carefully. As professional musicians, we should always remind that our own musical child is still in us and do all what we can to give him the space and the time to explore and be in constant relation to our highest aim of musical performance, which is to serve our fantastic repertory in reinventing ourselves each day to approach it in a reactualised manner.

Piano solo

JS. Bach

Goldberg Variations BWV 988

Selected Préludes & fugues

Selected Inventions

3 sonatas for viole de gambe and harpsichord

W.A Mozart

Selected sonatas and variations for piano

Selected sonatas for violin and piano

Quatuors avec piano

L.V. Beethoven

Eroïca variations

Sonate opus 2 n°1

Sonate opus 2 n°3

Sonate opus 10 n°3

Sonate opus 13 « Pathétique »

Sonate opus 14 n°1

Sonate opus 26

Sonate opus 31 n°2

Sonate opus 53

Sonate opus 90

Sonate opus 109

Sonate opus 110


Complete sonatas for piano and cello


Sonate D 894

Sonate D 960

R. Schumann



Etudes Symphoniques

Chants de l’aube



J. Brahms

4 ballades


Opus 117

Sonaten 1 and 2 for cello and piano

Sonaten 1, 2, 3 for Violin and piano

Trio 1, 2

F. Chopin

4 ballades


Selected Nocturnes

Sonata for cello and piano

C. Debussy

Images, first and second series

Etudes, book 1 & 2

Sonate for cello and piano

M. Ravel


Tombeau de Couperin

Gaspard de la nuit

A. Scriabin

Sonate n°10

A. Berg

Sonate opus 1

A. Schoenberg

Opus 11

Opus 19

Opus 33a, 33b

Suite opus 25

Le pierrot Lunaire

A. Webern

Variations opus 27

3 pieces,  cello and piano

P. Boulez

Sonate 3


G. Ligeti

Selected studies

Continuum, for harpsichord

Trio pour cor, violon et piano


E. Nunes

Litanies du feu et de la mer I, II

L. Nono

…..Sofferte onde serene… pour piano et bande magnétique

K. H. Stockhausen


Klavierstücken V, VI, VII, VIII, IX

I. Xenakis


K. Saariahiao

Jardin secret, for harpsichord and électronic

T. Takemitsu

Les yeux clos

Rain tree sketch , hommage à O. Messiaen

T. Hosokawa

Haïku for Pierre Boulez

M. Feldman

Triadic memories

Palais de mari

For Bunita Marcus

Crippled Symetrie, pour flute, percussion et piano

Why patterns?, pour flute, percussion et piano

J. Cage

7 Haïkus

Selected Etudes Australes

Atlas Eclipticalis

Music for piano 4-84


T. Murail

La Mandragore


Territoires de l’oubli

B. Ferneyhough

6 epigrams

3 pieces


S. Sciarrino

Perdutto in una città d’aqua

Lo spazio inverso

De la nuit

4 notturni

D’un faune pour piano et flute

H. Lachenmann


Ein Kinderspiel



Allegro Sostenuto pour piano, violoncelle et clarinette basse

Beat Furer


I. Fedele

Complete works for piano solo:




Etudes Boréales I-II-III-IV-V

Etudes Australes I-II-III-IV-V

Kaija Saariaho

Jardin secret II, harpsichord & electronics

D. D’Adamo

Carta segreta

Abschluss pour piano et ensemble

For P

For A

For Z

D. Venturi

BCH for piano

Vocalise pour le moine de la pluie for bass and piano (2007)

Rizonanze Sospese (2007)

Zérz ed cristàl, pour violon, cello and piano

Espace for piano and electronics (2008)

Notturni Incanti for violin, cello and piano (2009)

Antigravity Study (2009-10)

Nogi for 3 pianos, version 1 piano with electronic

G. Pesson

La lumière n’a pas de bras pour nous porter

3 pièces for piano

Vexierbilder Rom

  • Après une lecture de Penna
  • Fantaisie Egyptienne
  • Jeux d’os aux capucins

Vexierbilder II

  • Speech of clouds
  • Negation
  • Rondo

Excuse my dust

Music for Newport

Selected Musica Ficta

Un tribut à Johann Jakob Froberger (à Eamonn Queen et Pascale Berthelot 2018)

(sur ce que j’ai fait cette musique dans une grande lenteur et mélancolie)

Wandering direct Sister (à Pascale Berthelot)

T. Adès

3trth Mazurka

Still sorrowing

M. Maiherhof

Splitting 16

Splitting 29.2 (2007–08) für Flöte, Perkussion, keyboard und mitschwingende Systeme Perkussion

Chris Newman

French songs for voice and piano

P. Ablinger

Selected « Voices and piano »

A. Lucier

Music for piano and amplified vessels (1990)

Still lives for piano and electronic

Rebecca Saunders


Michael Pisaro

Green house, grey future for piano and electronics

Half-sleep beings for piano

Fields have ears for piano and four-channel playback (field recordings + noise and sine tones)

A mist is a collection of points for piano, percussion and sine tones

Descending Series (1)
An Index of Thirds (for Ben Johnston) for piano and sine tones

Akasa for pianist (1994)

distance (1) for piano

floating, drifting for piano

pi (1-2594) for piano

Pianos in the Field (Ten Voices for Mark So) for four pianos and six loudspeakers

Piano and orchester

W.A Mozart

C Major K 467

L.V. Beethoven

n°5 in E-flat Major, op.73

F. Chopin

Concerto n°1 en Mi Majeur

Concerto n°2 en Fa mineur 

S. Prokofiev

Concerto n°1

A. Schoenberg

Opus 42

G. Pesson

Future is a faded song…